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However, all the above factors are not so easy, so many mortgage borrowers also fall into the group of those who struck creditomania. The non-payment of debt, late payments can be a substantial reason for the cancellation of the credit agreement. It is possible that all debts on the loan that go along with the inheritance, can not be charged for the prescription period. As a result, the client might get the feeling that he cheated, but it will not be so. If the potential borrower has decided to purchase a vacation property in this way, a potential borrower is to start looking not financial institutions, and reputable construction company that is willing to provide such services.

This is a fairly new service, so it is provided not in all banks, so will have to try. Moreover, you can cancel the contract before receiving the money. Financial institutions, in turn, try not to spoil its clients with mood like little things and hold back fees.

Moreover, the loyalty of financial institutions in creating these tandem can reach such proportions that they are ready to offer our potential borrowers loans at favorable interest rate, which will be issued against collateral in the form of real estate under construction. For example, a borrower wants to take a Bank of 100 thousand rubles. That is, the borrower will have to pay 10 Grand to get funds. Statistics show that a huge number of people suffering from creditmany present among today's youth, who grew up in the conditions established capitalist relations. In any case, until he attains the age of majority. Minors are considered children up to 14 years. In the future, referring any difficulties or shocks is that not every borrower is able to repay such an expensive mortgage loan, which leads to the fact that borrowers start to rush, trying to refinance the loan or to change bought on credit "square meters" for cheaper housing. However, should not be confused incomplete payment of borrowed funds with a single payment, which is still practiced by some banks. By the way, to abandon a legacy in someone's favor can be in the case where the heir has accepted the inheritance.